What Is The Proper Golf Apparel?

Golf apparelWhen you decide to take up golf, there are several questions that you will need answered before you even begin. From which set of golf clubs is the best choice for you to whether you need a few lessons to start. What kind of courses are available in your area? Are they public or private?

Then there is the question what is the proper apparel while playing golf. Selecting the proper clothing is important but there are guidelines that each golf course requires of their members and it is in your best interest to know what is appropriate and what is not.


One afternoon this gorgeous guest arrived to play golf in short shorts and a plunging neckline. Although reluctant to complain, I did alert my Pro Shop manager. Well, he took his sweet time in saying something to her about her attire and luckily, she wasn’t offended by our dress code policy. She actually thanked us for giving her a heads up for the next time.

Wearing comfortable clothing will ultimately affect your game. You may find that very loose clothing can interfere with your swing and clothing that is too snug may restrict your range of motion. Both have the ability to affect your concentration while playing.

Golf clothing manufacturers have continuously anticipated the needs of their customers. With the advancements in materials on the market today, we now have a wide range of stylish, comfortable, breathable fabrics in a myriad of colours and price points to choose from.

Dress Code

Another important consideration when choosing your golf apparel is the dress code for potential courses that you might like to use in the future. You must know what is permissible. Most golf courses require strict adherence to a specific dress code while others may have a more relaxed attitude. This is important information that you should know well in advance.

Golf courses may also have separate dress standards for male and female golfers. Women may be unable to wear tank tops that bare their midriff. Some courses may require a specific length of skirt for women.

Men may be required to wear only collared shirts. And in some cases jeans, over-sized T-shirts or sweat suits may be not be permitted for any player.

Avoid Being Inconvenienced

By taking the time to gather a little information, you can outfit yourself appropriately when you play at a particular course and avoid any unnecessary pit stops at the pro shop before you even start your game.

For safety reasons golf shoes are usually mandatory. These are special shoes that help prevent slipping on the course, which typically have challenging landscapes and they also protect the appearance of the golf course. They can help to stabilize your your swing as well.

So, do your research, get comfortable, respect the club rules and you will be well on your way to enjoying your new sport in style.

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