Types of Headaches and What We Should Know

One of the most frustrating ailments many people suffer from is a headache. Aside from the pain, the sensations are not limited to the head and can radiate to several other areas.

Often the temples, scalp, neck and forehead are affected, as well as the throat, jaw and mouth simply due of the network of nerves that extends throughout the head and neck area.

Before taking in any medication it’s a good idea to know the different types of headaches and their possible causes so that you can get the proper relief fast. Continue »

Tips For A Meat Lover

I enjoy a variety of food and like to experiment with different recipes but as a bonifide meat lover I enjoy taking the reins in the kitchen when I have a chance.

When it comes to quality, I like to choose the best type of meat available and at times that means a good old fashion rump roast fits the bill perfectly.

Through the years I have learned a few tips along the way that have helped me make the best of whatever meat was in the pot for our family dinner. It’s all in the way you prepare it. Continue »

8 Easy Sleep Tips

Having a good night sleep is one of the best things we can do for our physical and mental well being. With proper sleep, our bodies can recharge and keep us in good health giving us a better chance at beating stress and illness.

But there are times when sleep does not come easy. Family dynamics, work related stress and illness can leave us tossing, turning, and struggling to shut down the constant mental chatter.

We may not be able to eliminate all the stressors that keep us awake at night but we can make a few changes to help clear the way for a better sleep. Continue »

Staying Gadget Savvy

With the abundance of technology today many people can quickly become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information needed to keep our beloved gadgets working at their best.

Even if you are somewhat familiar with the electronic world, their technologies change and we need to adapt and keep updated with those changes.

Which batteries to use? Lithium verses rechargeable? Docking stations, Bluetooth adapters, when to recharge and how often? All are questions that seem simple enough but when done incorrectly they may affect the life of your equipment. Continue »

5 Ways to Prevent Arthritis

With all the great information we have available today, we are able to get a good handle on how to keep our bodies in tip top shape. There are many ways to tackle illness but the best way of all is prevention.

As we age, arthritis is one of the highest causes of mobility impairment and by modifying our lifestyle early on, we can often prevent it’s onset.

Of course diet and exercise is mandatory for good health but just by tweaking a few things in our daily lives we can make it that much easier to keep our bodies in good shape effortlessly. Continue »

What to Consider When Buying Anitque Replicas

There are many who love the elegance and opulence of antique furniture. The details and craftsmanship are legend in older furniture and finding these treasures can be a rewarding pastime when furnishing your home.

If your budget does not allow for originals, there are often replica’s manufactured to give you the same look and feel with a less expensive price tag.

There are other advantages to choosing replicas over originals other than cost. You can follow a specific period or style that matches your existing pieces. You can also request custom orders to suit your space. Most importantly the replica will be in excellent condition for years to come. Continue »

Cutting Back to School Costs

While the new school year is an exciting time for both parents and their children, the costs of school supplies seem to be increasing ever year. With educational funding cuts, buying supplies for the classroom has become the new normal of today.

Thankfully, many retailers recognize this market and are quick to offer back to school specials that will reward your shopping with deep discounts.

With a strategic plan and budget in hand, you can purchase those supplies at an even better savings just by planning ahead. Here are a few ideas to help you ease into that school year with more cash left in your pocket. Continue »

5 Easy Appliances Fixes

There is nothing as frustrating as an appliance that is not functioning as it should. With thoughts of hefty repairs bills and the dreaded cost of replacement we can often feel overwhelmed when our things go on the fritz.

With standard service call fees and the price of parts and labor added to the final amount, it can quickly throw a budget out the window.

However there are a few tips of the trades we can attempt on our own that may help save money on a service repair call. Continue »

10 Summer Crafts To Keep Kids Busy

With the lazy days of summer coming to a close the children and their parents often find themselves at loose ends those last couple of weeks. With the excitement of a new school year the last remaining vacation days can be long and tedious.

This is a great time to begin structuring small pockets of time to help kids ease back into a routine and a fun way to do so is to have a craft fair. Gathering the summer vacation treasures into creative mementos give kids a way to release the boredom and have fun at the same time. Continue »

Camping Fun for the Whole Family

When it comes to summer vacation, camping is at the top of the list as an affordable family favorite. Whether it’s an RV or a tent and a backpack, getting away from the pressures of a busy life is easily achieved by getting closer to nature.

Gone are the days of bulky canvas tents with dozen of hefty poles taking up valuable space. Today’s camping offers high quality lightweight equipment that is easy to set up for anyone no matter what the level of experience is.

The new attitudes of convenience for the traveling family have been revamped so that all manner of vacation fun is taken into consideration. Continue »